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Prime Time Event at The Davenport

Published: Friday, February 17, 2012

Yesterday, The Greer Chamber held its Prime Time Event at The Davenport. Along with the usual cast of characters, there were a lot of new faces and new members who joined during the recent, fabulously successful membership drive. I came away encouraged in our economic future as well as the future of Greer.

For years, these events were attended by the same old, tired individuals (myself being one of those) that enthusiastically waved the Greer banner in hopes that our love and devotion to our city would prove contagious. The crowd yesterday, was as optimistic in the promise of Greer as I have ever seen. From William, the new Branch Manager whose adjoining strip mall will soon be completely renovated, to Lisa who is now living her entrepreneurial dream of opening her own business.  All of the new and seasoned businessmen and women are testament to the fact that Greer is a good place to do business.

This was more than just another social event, contacts were made, orders were placed and deals were negotiated. Congratulations to our Chamber President, Allen Smith and his dedicated team for making this event a major success. 

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