Keeping Connected


The next five years will be pivotal for the energy and utility industry.  Consumers are no longer content to be recipients of energy, they want more choices about how they buy it and how they manage it, and the potentially negative impact energy production has on the environment. Technology is changing rapidly, not just in the form of our light bulbs and appliances, but in the way we oversee the use of our energy.  This change is going to result in greater control over our energy dollars.  It’s going to result in a better relationship with the Commission of Public Works and in a lot of savings for the consumers who actively get involved in the conservation of energy.

I envision the Commission of Public Works doing a lot more to encourage energy conservation through education and applying technology in the form of smart meters and remote sensors that allow customers to constantly monitor and control their energy consumption, rather than stuffing the occasional flyer into your utility bill. It’s not about telling you to turn the lights off when you leave the room anymore; it’s about the lights turning themselves off when you leave the room and then automatically calculating your energy savings.

I love the historic nature of our beautiful downtown and surrounding area, and I believe the City of Greer is still in its infancy.  To illustrate this point, I’m reminded of a conversation that I had with an Italian friend 24 years ago when we bought our home on Poinsett Street. He commented that he had heard that Erin and I had bought an old house, and I proudly said yes, that it was built in the early 1920s and one of the oldest homes in Greer. He replied that he lived in an old house also, and that it had been in his family for over 700 years. That conversation really put things in perspective for me as I realized that even our smallest actions now, can have potentially huge consequences for future generations.

I utilized that philosophy previously when I served on Greer City Council and now, as your Commissioner of Public Works, always trying to visualize the really big picture and thinking several generations ahead.

That’s what I have to offer the citizens of Greer. A thoughtful, forward thinking mind, always asking the simple, yet profound question, “Is this good for the future of Greer?”