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Trade Street Neighborhood Association Meeting at the International Cathedral of Prayer

Published: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last night I attended The Trade Street Neighborhood Association Meeting at The International Cathedral of Prayer at 100 Davis Avenue. I always enjoy the neighborhood association meetings because that is where you meet the heart and soul of the community. Just folks from the neighborhood, wanting to improve the quality of life in Greer.

The church is absolutely beautiful and a great community meeting place in addition to being a house of worship. This building was empty for many years and has an interesting past as it once was home to the Wesleyan Methodists and the South Carolina Children's Theater.

At one time, The Greer Commission of Public Works owned the building and surrounding property then it was deeded to The City of Greer before being turned over to the ICP several years ago. At the meeting Delores Whittington, a volunteer with Greenville County Voter Registration spoke on the importance and duty of each and everyone of us to vote and also the importance of local elections. 

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